Analysis of lexical errors in English-Spanish translations of Science Journalism texts written by advanced translation students

The general aim of the present research is to identify and classify the most frequent lexical translation errors present in Spanish target texts translated from the field of science journalism in English. Also the possible causes of these errors and their solutions are discussed.

This research provides empirical support for the teaching and learning of English-Spanish translation in the field of science journalism. This is the first time that the issue of translation error classification is tackled in our Department. Internationally, there has been a lot of research in the area of translation assessment in general but not in the field of science journalism. For this reason, our research may contribute to the field.

From a theoretical perspective this paper contributes to the study of translation and to the research on this subject in Cuba. It presents a typology of lexical errors which will help to improve the practice and the teaching of this discipline in our country.


Key words: translation, lexical errors, science journalism, teaching-learning


Balbina López Rodríguez y Elisaliz Oramas Torres
Lengua inglesa